How does van leasing work

With contract hire/contract lease you hand the vehicle back at the end of the term. There are no further payments to make.

All of our Van contract hire figures are for business users only and attract VAT.

The non maintained column ('Non Maint') includes annual road fund licence and breakdown cover.

In addition the fully maintained column ('Maint') includes a servicing package which also covers exhaust, tyres and battery etc.

A deposit is also required and is calculated by multiplying either the Non Maint or Maint column by 3. This deposit also attracts VAT and is payable when the contract starts. The monthly figures will be payable at a period of either 30 days or a calendar month later. The exact timing of payments will be explained on the finance documents that you sign.

The figures on each page do not constitute a formal offer for a vehicle contract hire. Written details available upon request. Terms and conditions apply.